Welcome to the Financial Paradox!

The purpose of this site is to initiate a discussion about research results, ideas and thoughts presented here. They are all about stable market inefficiencies, how to find and take advantage of them. Inefficiency is a synonym to opportunity.

“Stable” means that inefficiency can be exploited for a long time –  years, it is not just local mispricing (e.g. due to lack of liquidity). Reasons for inefficiency’s stability is also a very interesting theme.  Prices reflect processes in the real economy (technological, political, natural, etc), behavioral aspects and other “laws”. Whether and why they do not correlate with financial (especially, arbitrage) “laws” is a point of interest.

I hope you will find here deep understanding of hidden market processes and ideas for improving your financial results.

Every post is a brief presentation or statement of main ideas, it is not a scientific paper. So feel free to contact me for details, proofs, data, code, etc.

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